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March 7, 2010
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Huntress Mask by dangerousladies Huntress Mask by dangerousladies
Will probably remake mask.

I can't do make-up well, but it's fun to mess around with sometimes. I did this with my sister's new make-up palette, and the stuff... sucks, to say the least. It dusts off and drops powder all over you, ruining everything, smudges and... just sucks.

So here we go.

And that's eyeshadow. Even the lips are eyeshadow. Because... I have no purple lipstick, or purple anything, really.

... yup.
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Working on an Huntress mask myself at the moment, I know you've used craft foam in your case but do you think polystyrene would work too? I dreamed about casting it in resin but definitely don't have the skills yet not to mess it up :)
High-impact polystyrene? I'd bet so. Just make sure you sand the edges and get it thick enough that it doesn't look flimsy.

Personally, I didn't go with HIPS because I didn't like the edges. Even when sanded, they're too rough. With craft foam I could use eyelash glue to glue parts of it to my face, too, whereas I think HIPS would slide off.

I'd worry about resin being too heavy on the face, too :( I think masks like these, when casted, are best done in urethane.
Thanks for the advice! I was thinking about gluing a layer of craft foam to the inside of the mask to make it more comfortable to wear since my friend will have it on for basically two days straight and I love the idea of using eyelash glue to glue it on her skin! Since craft foam will be the part touching the skin it should work out.
I'll be careful with the edges but I always get cleaner results with HIP than with craft foam and at least I can sand HIP while trying to sand craft foam results in an unholy mess :)
I saw an Huntress mask cast out of fiberglass and it looked amazing but yeah, nowhere near the amount of skills or equipment needed to do it :(
MissElephante Jul 1, 2010  Professional General Artist
what did you make this out of?! its so good
Seriously amazing how well that mask suits you. I see the mask, your face, and it's like it belongs on you. You were meant to do this.

Nicely done <3
thank youuuuuuu.
Even though you're going to remake it, it looks good!
What material did you use to make that mask?
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