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May 17, 2010
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10/1250 second
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70 mm
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May 17, 2010, 3:22:44 AM
Protocol by dangerousladies Protocol by dangerousladies
Cosplayers: Kate, Emmy and Mike
Photographer: Jenn
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Really awesome costumes (especially Batgirl's looks amazing) but I love your Tim costume. I'm planning to make this version of his costume for my son for NYCC and I was wondering if you had a pattern for the cape and the gauntlets by any chance. Also, the R on Tim's costume is not made out of fabric, right? It really looks great.
Thank you so much.
I'm currently working on a tutorial for the cape for another deviant; I'll be posting the tutorial here when I get it finished.

As for the gauntlets, they're really simple once broken down. The blades are made from foam sandwiched by layers of high-impact polystyrene, with spackling to fill in the gaps, then sanded, painted, sealed, etc. These blades were mounted on a strip (see link below.) We then made gloves that had gaps in the wrist seams, and the blades were inserted through these gaps so the blades protruded without the stabilizing strip showing. This makes washing for the gloves much easier. We used a similar concept on Batgirl.

The R on the chest was made similar to the gauntlet blades for two reasons: One, we wanted something that could be put on the costume on snaps for easy washing of the bodysuit, and two, in the comics, Tim's R is actually a spare shuriken/"batarang" in case of emergencies.

You can see the in-progress version of the blades and the R here in our scraps:
Thank you so much! I haven't worked much with craft foam yet but I've already ordered a few sheets to try my hand with it since it looks like I'm going to end up making a Batman costume as well and I can already think of a few uses I can have for the foam (namely the gauntlets and the bat symbol on the chest). I'm also making a Nightwing costume for myself and I'm trying to figure out if I can use craft foam or something else apart from the regular fabric I had in mind to make his gauntlets.
Craft foam would work! If you're not putting a layer of HI-polystyrene over it, remember to seal it with a good quality acrylic paint, as nothing looks worse than raw craft foam. Acrylic paint should retain the foam's flexibility, too.

For the gauntlets, I'd design them to close on the wrists with velcro, and I'd heat-shape the foam to curve naturally around the forearm. Holding it over a gas stove or under a really hot hairdryer is usually enough heat, then you can bend/manipulate it to shape. It'll lay against your arm better.
Thank you! I just tried my hand today with craft foam for the first version of Robin's mask. It looks pretty awesome so far and I still have to seal it! I was looking for HI-polystyrene in Micheal's today but they didn't know what I was talking about and I couldn't find anything conclusive online. I found directions on how to seal craft foam with a mixture of school glue, flexible fabric glue and water; would that be good enough?
I know I have plenty of time before September but I'm definitely loving the current 'experimentation' phase :)
High-impact polystyrene cannot be found in craft stores –– I wish it could, though. My best suggestion would be look for signage suppliers or plastics suppliers in the area; they usually sell it in 4'x6' sheets in various thicknesses, for about $10 a sheet. One sheet will do a lottttttt of small projects, too.

Your directions on sealing craft foam will work. There's also a product called Modpodge that'll do the job, but high quality acrylic paints will do it themselves if you do it in many layers.
May I ask what pattern did you use for Tim's cape?
We drafted it ourselves from scratch.
Ohh. Would it be all right if you sent me a draft? xD I'm planning on complying as Tim for a convention and I can't figure out the cape. >.<
I'm ill and bedridden at the moment, but if you can be patient, I can re-draw it for you sometime over the next few days.

In advance, I can tell you that you'll need approx. 3m of black fabric and 3m of yellow fabric, both as light as possible, 3 heavy-duty snaps, and a 8" zipper.
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