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For anyone that follows our tumblr, you know that I have whipped out a quick Vanellope for the opening weekend of Wreck-it Ralph. I did most of the work in 2-3 days so I didn't document it, however I am building a second one for Emmy and documenting the process. The first up is how I did the tights. So if anyone is not sure how to do Vanellope's (or any of the other Sugar Rush! racers, because you can use the same methods for them) tights, head on over here:…

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Hey followers new and old!

For those of you that do, and for those of you who don't know, we have a twitter for us at cons, so follow us this weekend dangerousladies for all the things we get up to this weekend :)!
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Thanks you to everyone who came out and helped support cosplay for a cure this weekend, in the two days the booth was running we raised $700 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

We more than doubled our goal for this weekend, and I still can t put into words just how shocked, humbled, greatful I am for all the generosity I seen this weekend.

Hopefully there will be more events like this that I, as well as the other ladies can help out with in the future!

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Con Bravo is in a couple of weeks, and Christine (with the possibility of Jenn) will be in attendance. She will not be there as a con goer, she is actually going to volunteer the Cosplay for a Cure photo booth. One of the local cosplayers has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, and we are all crossing our fingers she can beat it! This is one of our ideas to help raise money for breast cancer research, and keep it in the cosplay community.

So please, if you are attending, come by, and donate to get a photo with Christine or the other cosplayers in the booth. You will be getting a photo printed for your donation! Photos will be done be Elemental too!

All donations will be made to breast cancer research in Shannon's name. For more info, please go to the event's page:…
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omg beach

Sat Jun 25, 2011, 8:14 AM

BYE! :))))))))))

twitter on the go:

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Ok so Jenn updated before I could talk to her, but there is also a couple more small updates in the dangerous ladies world!

Emmy and Christine are officially going to AN, however, Jenn is still unsure if she can get work off or not, sadness. We are only going on Saturday this year. Emmy is doing fan art Godtier Rose from homestruck, Christine is doing SF-A2 Miki, and if Jenn goes she will probably be wearing Supergirl again.

Now for the updates:

First, we now have a twitter account for all three of us, that will only be updated at cons and such:

Second, if you have not noticed, we have created a tumblr for our progress stuff:
I(Christine) should have some posts on there by the end of the weekend! AN is in two weeks and Miki is only a wig on a head stand. We rocked out Rose in a day, with no laptop for Jenn and Christine forgetting her camera connection kit for her iPad, so there is no progress pics :(! maybe I'll take some of the knitting needles as I alter them to make up for it.

Third, I have my own DA account that I have never used sans favoriting some things, so I am going to put it to use and start filling it with nothing but tutorials. I'm hopefully starting with weird hair creations like Juri's pigtails or Miki's scyth of an ahoge that I am currently working on, so please take a look!

If there is things we have done that you would like more of an in depth explanation on how we did it, I am taking suggestions here!
  • Reading: The instructions for me crack berry update
  • Watching: Project runway season 6 marathon
  • Playing: Waiting on the PSN so I can play DCUO again!
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Jenn's laptop has been in for service, but have a recap of last week:

* Jenn has a new job that will get her all deliciously tanned and sunbaked over the summer, so we'll have a very golden Donna Troy [Wonder Woman] by August.
* Christine and Emmy went to TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) and then went out for drinks with Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time. Emmy is in school for traditional animation so this is a big deal for her, and it took her a full 24 hours for that to sink in.
* Christine did a fabulous party-dress Marceline that weekend, but alas, no pictures.
* Jenn so desperately wanted to post another round of photos, but alas again, laptop in for service.

But here's what's happening this weekend:

* Photoshoot with Professor Pyg
* Photoshoot with Supergirl on the trampoline, v2.0

Hopefully we have a good coming week :)

AND THE WONDER WOMAN TV SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED BEFORE IT EVEN AIRED. I'm not sure whether to be thrilled that it tanked or upset that Wonder Woman missed an opportunity to get back in the public eye, even if it was a crappy one.
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It's time to do some closet-cleaning. There will be more of these posts in the future, I think.

All prices basically cover some of the cost of materials (if even that) and that's it. I'm not making a profit on anything, I'm really just recouping some costs on old costumes. A lot of these are older, meaning costumes are not necessarily immaculate in construction, as I was still learning to sew and that. I threw out anything I didn't think was worth selling.

All prices OBO and all sales final. If you want any more information on any pieces, just ask.


SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED and will be calculated upon request. For Toronto locals, all costumes are available for pick-up in downtown area. All prices in CND.

For the most part, images are old ones culled from the gallery/old galleries, but if you want pictures of anything specific, let me know and I'll get some for you.

If you don't want to comment publicly, note me or email me at supergirlprime(at)

- Jenn


Azula (DOBS)

Ty Lee (pink version)

Ty Lee (orangey-pink)

Ty Lee (Bikini) SOLD
Mai (Bikini) $10
Mai's includes the wrap top, leggings and skirt.
Bust about 36" max, hips max 34", but could be easily altered to fit larger!

Toph (Fire Nation)

Azula (sleeping robes/"insane") $80
Includes: bathrobe, sash, pants.
Would be a bit long on anyone under 5'7", but that's not necessarily a bad thing if you want a bit of a princessy drag. The pants can easily be worn higher/slung lower to accommodate people shorter or taller than 5'8".
Sash fits a 28" waist but can be safety pinned shorter.

Dai Li (x2) ($30 each)
Costumes only; includes undershirt, tunic, and skirt. Max 38" bust, max 38" hips.
Hats can be added for 5$ each, but they will increase shipping SUBSTANTIALLY due to their size. Pick-up available in downtown Toronto for no extra charge, if you can wait for me to retrieve them from Ottawa. I could also rip off the covers and send them to you that way, but you'd have to get your own rice paddy hat thing.

Suki (Kyoshi warrior)

Suki (Prison)

Suki (Fire Nation, incomplete)

Water Tribe shirt $5…
Generic; no specific character, but cool for slouching around in. Comes with shirt and white spandex sash.
Princess sleeves, "kimono" fold collar, fur trim on bottom.) Max 38" bust, max 38" hips.

Azula (gauntlets) $5…
Gauntlets only.
Have these extra for some reason. Might be a fun accessory for an Avatar nerd.


Mira Rose  $30……
Includes: bra top, gladiator-style skirt, armbands, shoulderpieces, collar, headdress.
Bra is made to fit a 30" ribcage, with C cups. Has loops for bra hooks inside, in case you decide to add invisible straps.
Skirt will fit up to 36" hips.
Shoulderpieces attach to shoulder with doublesided tape (not included)
Collar attaches with a ribbon (hidden by hair)
Headdress attaches with combs that attach to hair.

Apache OFFER?…
Includes: shirt, hakama pants, headress (horn broken, can be fixed).
Wristbands/gloves not included because they were totaled. Shirt is lined, has a heavily interfaced collar, and a detachable back strap. Hakama will fit a 36" waist, bust max 34"
Bad construction on the inside of the shirt, as I made this five years ago, so I'm willing to accept any offer. It looks fine from the outside, though.

Sunsun $30…
Includes fully-lined dress with zip-up front and X-shaped belts.
Sorry, no hairpiece.
34-28-36 MAXIMUM

Nemu $30
Includes shirt/dress, glovelets, choker, armband and obi. Will fit up to a 26" waist.

Lllynette $25…
Includes legwarmers, armwarmers, shorts and vest.
Sorry, no helmet.
34" hips. Vest doesn't close in the front, so it's flexible for the top.


Weapons $10…
2 kunai (one metal, one plastic) and 1 shuriken. With original case. Metal ones are heavy, but not sharpened.

Sakura (Time-Jump) $25
Includes: zip-up shirt, white armbands, gloves, bike shorts, skirt, shin-guards
Small tear on skirt that can be easily fixed.
Bike shorts will fit someone with a 28" waist/34" hips.

I will throw in the official Naruto ninja shoes and the official leg pouch and buttpouch for another $10 if you want them. The shoes have the fabric coming apart from the sole on one shoe, but it'd be easily repaired with hot glue. The pouches are in great condition, minus a small tear on the bottom of the leg holster. It's on the bottom, so it can't really be seen.

Shinobu  $15
Includes scarf, thigh-highs, gloves, shirt with logo, plaid skirt, sweater.
Sweater needs some TLC but is intact. You're basically getting what you're paying for with this one.
Max 34" bust, max 36" hips.

Sylvia $50
Includes: Scarf, white shirt, jacket, skirt.
Will fit up to a 38" bust, 28" waist, 36" hips. Very short, but that's how it's supposed to be.

Dr. Naomi (shirt only!) $20
Waist laces up and top is stretch, so it's adjustable, but I'd recommend you have a 38" bust/32" waist at biggest.


Nekomata $15
Includes: Fur jacket, tail (with harness).
Sorry, collar missing.

Yukiko (summer version)


Organization Coat $80 OBO!…
Chain on front missing, made to look like Zexion's coat but will work for Larxene too, or anyone else, if you don't care so much about details. SCREEN-ACCURATE hood and FUNCTIONAL POCKETS. Drawstrings are non-functional, but their cord is stretch, so if you get them caught on something, you don't choke to death.
VERY heavy to ship. Downtown Toronto pick-up really advised.
Max 36" bust, max 38" hips.

Kairi (schoolgirl) $20
Includes: skirt, tie, and bag.
Skirt will fit up to 38" hips and is EXTREMELY SHORT. JUST long enough to cover the butt. Why? This creates the illusion that your legs are super-long.

Yuffie (Advent Children) $10…
Jacket, headband and black arm sock ONLY. Threw out the rest a while ago. Jacket has a functioning zipper, though if you have a bust bigger than 36" you'll be mashing the girls up. Yuffie wears it open, anyway.

Yuffie (DOC)

Lightning $10……
Includes: Just the shirt with the cape, no front buckles added.  
A good base! Has functional pockets with buckled tops. Will fit up to a 36" bust.
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Christine is currently feeling under the weather and is taking sleep over last minute sewing so our list is as follows:

We are NOT attending on Saturday, but we are going out and using this beautiful weather we finally have to our advantage and having a photo shoot in as much as Toronto as we can cover in one day with:

Jenn as Huntress
Josh as The Question
Tom as The Blur/Superman
Christine as Matryoshka Miki

If you happen to see us shooting, feel free to come say hi. We won't bite!

Sunday we ARE attending in:

Christine as Babydoll (well what finished for opening weekend)
Jenn as Lois Lane
Tom as The Blur/Superman

Christine reluctantly has become addicted to twitter, and tweets most of what happens on con weekends. If you can't make it this weekend and would like to follow what happens in a weekend with us at a con, her feed is here:
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Christine and Jenn both dressed up as a ~new~ Wonder Woman, and now it's a challenge to see ~~WHO DID IT BETTER~~

In this corner, wearing Pants!New!Comics Wonder Woman, is Christine!


And in this corner, wearing TVShow!Wonder Woman, is Jenn!…

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I lied, we didn't do pictures as hipsters.

We did, however, feel the judging glares of strangers, who looked at us like trash. Tears, so many tears.

We also made this video of us acting like fools.…
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Hipster Wonder Woman
Hipster Supergirl
Hipster Emmy
Hipster Question
Because Friday is for gag costumes.

Juri (Street Fighter)
Emmy SASHA!!!
Professor Pyg

Poison Ivy?
70s Supergirl

La la la la la 8)

To all those going: See you later!

To all those not going: See you next week!
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So we're gonna be at Wizard World Toronto 2011. Yay? Yay.


Miki  (Vocaloids)
Juri  (Street Fighter)
Babydoll  (Sucker Punch)

Goin' casual, as all her costumes are in another city D:

Supergirl (current)
And then it's a toss up between 80s Supergirl, Classic Supergirl and Hipster Supergirl (for shits and giggles.) Depends on what I finish.

Professor Pyg
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So Jenn got a Flip HD Ultra for Christmas. Nothing too exciting out of that yet, but I had some fun messing around with it today and should be coming out with... something, eventually.

I meant to redo that hey-look-at-my-disastrous-bedroom shoot today, but I got so wrapped up in the Flip that I didn't get around to it until I had lost daylight. I tried to play with some green lighting to do some kryptonite stuff, but it is hard to play photographer and model at one time, so that'll have to wait.

So today I did a character-thing with Supergirl to test out lighting for video. The first is very boring/sad and supposed to be some post-WoNK thingy... the second is just a tiny snippet of what may be a longer thing... eventually. If I bother trying to edit it all together, as I have no patience for video editing.

Where Do You Go From Here?…

Being a Dorkface…

May be doing some Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl stuff on Tuesday when Christine comes :) Then... Friday-Saturday with Emmy, but idk if we have her wig and stuff for Cassssaaaaaandra stuff. We'll see.
I've written up a breakdown of Emmy's Cassandra Cain Batgirl costume. It's not an in-depth tutorial by any means, and it's geared to people who don't want to do much sewing. It includes a number of pictures

If you'd like to see it, email me at supergirlprime[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll email it back to you :) With pictures, the file is 1.7 mb with 8 large images.

Why don't I post it here? Formatting is miserable, and I like to know who is using it.

I think I'm gonna redo the "lol i'm supergirl and hi this is my bedroom" photoshoot on Sunday. We'll see.
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For FanExpo 2009, I, Jenn, dressed up Donna Troy. You know. The black and sparkly bodysuit. A week before the con, my original bodysuit had an unfortunate accident, so I was forced to remake it. The remake wasn't so hot, but it did the trick.

The night after I wore it, I went online to see what people were saying about the con. Lo and behold, a picture of me showed up. The comment accompanying it described me as "broken."

For eons, I wondered what the hell that even MEANT, but I knew one thing: I looked terrible in that wig.

I didn't wear it again. There were no photoshoots, and thus, Ms. Donna never saw the light of day again, not even on this dA.

But about a month ago, when discussing Wonder Woman and the costumes we want to make for 2011, I thought, you know, I'd really like to do Donna Troy's Wonder Woman costume. Christine and I talked about it and realized that between her Wonder Woman, my Wonder Woman, and Emmy's Lynx costume, we could have a trio of badass, armed, beautiful women warriors for 2011.

That, tied into our decision to make 2011 a year where we picked a few select costume and focused all of our efforts on them and them alone, prompted me to pull out the old Donna Troy wig and all my make-up, take a deep breath, and try it again.

Could I make myself look awesome in that damn wig, or was I doomed to be broken?

You tell me:…

So, with that success in mind, our planned roster for 2011:

Ms. Christine

Ms. Emmy

Ms. Jenn

I'm excited.
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Please vote and pass the link around! :) We'll love you forever if you do!…

-the Ladies
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Looks like our Wonder Woman (played by the lovely miss Christine) will be appearing in a fanmade Justice League web series :)

More details as we get them/confirm them, but this is incredibly exciting!

-the Ladies
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999 followers and 70,000+ pageviews.

Oh, you guys are so lovely. Honestly, you all are. Rock onnnnn.

I wish I had progress to post, but I don't. Maybe on Sunday, when Miss Christine and I get together. We're going to be K-On characters and I am terrified as shit because I AM NOT A JAPANESE SCHOOLGIRL, nor can I pull off ~moe~.  And I need more Emmy pictures. Damn, lady, why is your reading week this weekend?

Or maybe, when I'm not GROSS AS HELL/SICK, I will put on my Supergirl costume and do a video or something. I haven't done that for a while. In fact, I deleted all the old ones because some people are SUPER creepy.

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